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Pikesville High School is located at 7621 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, MD 21208.
Pikesville is a suburban town in Baltimore County that is adjacent to the Baltimore city/county line. In clockwise rotation, our residential footprint borders the following school zones: Dulaney High, Towson High, Baltimore City, Woodlawn High, Milford Mill High, Randallstown High, and Owings Mills High.
To see your zoned high school, consult http://www.bcps.org/apps/Boundaries/.
Who is my child's school counselor?
Last names A-F: Jeremy Goldman, NCC - jgoldman@bcps.org 
  • Department Chairperson
  • Project Lead-the-Way trained
  • Local Scholarship Coordinator
  • AVID Counselor
  • Blogger/@PHSCouns Tweeter (also sometimes #scchat moderator)
  • MSCA Past-President

Last names G-O: Mary Bridget LaVaute - mlavaute@bcps.org
  • Homeless Liaison
  • CPS Liaison
  • Member MSCA, ASCA

Last names P-Z: Yolanda Howie - yhowie@bcps.org
  • College Board SSD Coordinator
  • PHS Welcoming Committee
  • AVID Trained
  • INTERACT co-advisor 
  • Member MSCA

Whom else can I contact?
Ms. Billingslea is the school counseling secretary. Call her at 410-887-1219 to help schedule appointments, manage transcript requests, and arrange enrollment.

Mrs. Pope is the records secretary. Call her at 410-887-1219 to arrange withdrawals and transfers, request records, and ask other records-related questions.

Our school psychologist is Dr. Karl Fleischer. He runs our Student Support Team.
Our school-to-career teacher is Mr. David Kreller.

To monitor your child's progress in school, or see other information about school, please use BCPSOne. You will need to request a personalized access code from any of the clerical staff at school.

School Counselors have many ethical and professional responsibilities. We also work to ensure that our students acquire many developmentally appropriate academic, career, and personal/social related skills.

We, along with the other school counselors in Baltimore County Public Schools, are currently working on aligning our programs with the ASCA National Model.

School Counseling Mission Statement
The mission of the Pikesville High School Counseling Department is to empower all students to independently make their own choices, using all available resources. The department recognizes the evolving nature of the global economic, political, and cultural systems, while honoring the history, background, and needs of our diverse local community. The Pikesville High School community values high academic achievement, and the School Counseling Department works to support our students’ academic goals by providing our community with all pertinent information to make informed choices. The Department works to support our students’ personal and social developmental needs by fostering a sense of interdependence and responsible choices. The Department works to support our students’ career development by introducing them to the decision-making process and the many post-secondary paths to achieve their long-term goals. The department values the use of technology to access the many resources at our students’ disposal, recognizing that our students are increasingly native to technology use.

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