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Directions for registering for 2014-15 courses are found at

Find the right AP course(s) for you, straight from this year's teachers and students, thanks to the #PHSfit Virtual AP Fair YouTube Playlist, via PHSLibrary:

  • The College Board has launched and AP site and twitter feed just for students.
  • Please use Edline to monitor academic progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Do Colleges care about Gifted and Talented?
  • BCPS Graduation requirements and course registration guide
  • Teachers are available at least once a week for "coach class" tutoring sessions, and students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity - not just on an as-needed basis, but as a regular check-in to ensure accurate understanding of course material.
  • How not to be a helicopter parent.
  • Students can sign up in Room 200 for peer tutors who are available twice a week after school, as well as on as for ongoing support.
  • Use your planner to stay current on when assignments are due and when planned tests are scheduled. This will help structure your study plan.
  • Being time-oriented instead of task-oriented sometimes helps students to stay focused on a particular course for a set period of time, even after the daily assigned homework is complete. If there are twenty minutes remaining in your planned time for that course, you can rewrite and review your notes, review old notes, and pre-read for upcoming lessons.
  • BCPS Learning Styles Inventory
  • One of our members of the Class of 2014 developed a site to help you predict your GPA. Click here to use his site.
  • Plan for your final grades, and predict your GPA at the end of 9th grade.
  • Use this spreadsheet to anticipate your cumulative GPA and QPA.
  • Online tutoring resources at Khan Academy
  • - Finding balance in your student's course selections. 
  • This Washington Post article may surprise you about what you thought you knew about studying.

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