Friday, April 29, 2016

#PHSfit Career of the Day: Early Childhood Educator

With school-age expectations continuing to improve, students are going to need more and more academic, personal, and social preparation for school at an early age. Early childhood educators are experts in child development and educational principles in order to assist small children transition from homebound care to the primary elementary grades. They use numerous theories and techniques to bring young children to be school-ready. Becoming an early childhood educator requires a bachelor's degree, as opposed to a child care worker, which requires less coursework.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

#PHSfit Career of the Day: Psychiatrist

When an aspiring doctor completes his or her four-year bachelors degree and enrolls in medical school, part of the medical training may include practical training in psychiatry, or medical treatment of emotional and mental disorders like depression or anxiety. Psychiatrists listen to their clients describe their feelings and experiences, incorporate these with what they know about their medical history and existing research on the clinical impacts and side effects of numerous medications, and then prescribe a dosage of a medication that, in their judgement, best suits the patient and his or her symptoms. Because brain chemistry is so complicated, it takes patience and skill to effectively and safely treat clients with medicine.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#PHSfit Career of the Day: Army Soldier

Perhaps the most ubiquitous symbol of our national defense is that of an army soldier fighting for our liberty on the front lines of a war. It is no surprise that while physical combat is necessary at times, most of our army involves many more nuanced techniques than what we saw from GI Joe. To serve in the army, you need to be physically fit, conscious of your role as part of a greater plan and as a member of a team, and of course, be committed to your country. The Army provides many valuable training and college scholarship opportunities, and is an admirable way to spend one's career.