Monday, February 4, 2013

National School Counseling Week Link Party!

Several school counseling bloggers around the country (and the world) are sharing their ideas for ways to celebrate National School Counseling Week, so this is a good opportunity to participate.

We are celebrating School Counseling Week by:

  • Writing the previous post about how we follow the ASCA National Model and how to recognize one's school counselor
  • At today's faculty meeting, everyone received little chocolates with the message that "Stressed" is just D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S spelled backwards, and we awarded certificates of appreciation for six teachers who we feel most support the school counseling program and use our resources most effectively: Ms. Reisner, Ms. Murray, Mr. Hill, Mr. Lancaster, Mr. McGowan, and Ms. Bress. It was an added bonus that our MDS3 (character education) committee facilitated a discussion on building supportive and respectful relationships with students (something school counselors work on all the time), and identifying both obstacles and useful tools to establish and maintain those relationships (important components of Adlerian psychology, used in the solution-focused model of school counseling). Between that, and the conversation about course advising for next year, school counseling was interwoven throughout the entire faculty meeting today! And thanks Mrs. O'Brien-Krack for the shout-out. We felt the NSCW love today.
  • We have daily announcements each morning this week with a message about resilience, support, encouragement, and reminders of the services that are provided by the school counselors.
  • This Thursday is a college shirt day and the #PHSfit College Fair, featuring 25 colleges from our region, as a lead-up to the CCBC College Fair on March 5.
  • There was conversation about a quiz game for students to guess which teacher went to a particular college, but there are already plenty of other announcements, since Black History Month is also a high priority.
  • This morning, Pikesville High School kicked off the 2013-14 course registration process, including an information session on the evening of February 5, and every student in grades 9-11 having pre-scheduled appointments with their school counselors for the next three weeks, and school counselors being available to answer questions and assist with course registration during lunch shifts during that time.
Some other recognition programs that are worth noting are accessible at:

What would you like to see us do for National School Counseling Week 2014? 

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