Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Week For Seniors and AP

This is going to be a hefty week for seniors and students in AP courses.

English 12 classes will meet with school counselors in Dell 2 lab on their assigned day. We will show classes how to access the FAFSA website and our own scholarship page. Then, we will explain the local scholarship program, with its deadline of March 4. We will also give seniors time to log on to their ConnectEDU accounts to request midyear transcripts.

In addition, Mr. Goldman will put on his AP Coordinator hat and visit AP classes to explain the process of registering for the AP exams.

Here are some details:
AP exam registration materials are provided in a brown Manila envelope. Enclosed you will find the Bulletin for AP students and parents, an orange exam registration form, a blue sheet with information, a green form related to fee reductions, and an envelope to remit payment.
The AP exams will be held between May 6 and 17. The whole point of the AP courses is to prepare for the exams, on which a passing score could lead to credits or accelerated study at the university level.
The cost of each exam is $89. Students who qualify for a fee reduction based on income or other criteria specified on the form are responsible for $53 per test. This year, we are also introducing a partial voucher program rewarding students for taking exams last year. For every point you scored in 2012, you get a dollar reduced from your total payment in 2013.
For now, we can accept checks, money orders, and cash. If we are able to manage a system for accepting credit cards, that will be announced accordingly.
AP exam registration forms and fees are due to the school counseling office no later than March 1, but you are encouraged to register in advance of that date. Unless otherwise specified (world history or extended time), all exams will be given at the Pikesville National Guard Armory.
If you lose the forms, you may download them from edline.

Regarding scholarships, it is paramount that all students pursuing any type of post secondary education complete their FAFSA as soon as possible, but certainly before March 4. See the blog page for paying for college for more resources.
Students and parents are advised to monitor for new regional and national scholarships that we hear about.
For the local scholarships, notice that there are two forms: one general application that is to be copied for each external organization to evaluate and must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, and one committee application that needs no accompanying documentation since our own scholarship committee is comprised of teachers who know the seniors. Don't forget to provide a signed transcript release and submit all your apps, letters, and other requested information by March 4. All of the scholarships, forms, and applications are available for download from edlineThis deadline will not be extended or excepted for any reason other than schools being closed on March 4.

Last, we will devote time with the English 12 classes to assist the seniors in logging on to their connectedu accounts in order to submit midyear transcript requests. The three school counselors will be able to submit midyears electronically on common app, but we need all of the other midyear requests posted on connectedu by February 8 in order for Ms. Billingslea and Mrs. Pope to organize and collate mailing the transcripts when common app is not used.

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