Monday, January 7, 2013

College and Career Searching

We are currently in a period between winter break and the February course advising period when the school counselors are both available and proactive in assisting our middle grades prepare for their lives after high school.

From Wednesday into next week, we will meet with English 10 and 11 classes in the computer lab to conduct career assessments. We will discuss the importance of knowing one's personality profile and recognizing that we are more likely to be satisfied in a career if its demands play to our strengths and preferences. Last year, when we oriented the freshmen and sophomores to ConnectEDU, the follow-up activity involved students exploring their Holland type, or whether their interests were more closely aligned with 1-3 of the following interest areas:
Since the students have had that exposure, we will use this opportunity to follow-up on last month's PSAT score distribution and take the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, through which students will explore their levels of:
  • Extraverson vs. Introversion (whether they get energy internally or from others)
  • Intuitiveness vs. Sensing (whether they absorb information literally or interpret it)
  • Thinking vs. Feeling (whether they make decisions using logic or emotions)
  • Judging vs. Perceiving (whether they prefer matters being settled or having options)
Knowing one's MBTI type can help people make informed decisions about relations with others, roles in activities, and of course, career choices. Combining that MBTI awareness with knowing your Holland type makes you even more equipped to make responsible career choices. Remember, these career activities in high school are not meant to steer students to any one particular career. We simply seek to empower students to know the factors that are involved in making informed decisions when they are ready.

Additionally, this is also the prime time for juniors to meet with their school counselors to make a sensible college search and testing plan. Aside from the SAT School Day on April 17, juniors should discuss what would be a reasonable time to take the ACT. We can also use this time to discuss juniors' college priorities, give them an unofficial transcript, and start to develop a list of possible good-fit colleges. Before scheduling the appointment, please check to see if one has already been scheduled for you. And of course, parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in this process, as they are likely the ones to do the driving to the college visits!

Don't forget about the #PHSfit College Fair at PHS on February 7 (5-7pm) as part of School Counseling Week, as well as the CCBC College Fair on March 5 (6-8pm). Consider pre-printing labels with students' name, address, phone number, and email address for speed and ease in completing the admissions reps' info cards.

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