Saturday, January 12, 2013

A month of blogging

This blog has been live for a month. In the past month:
There have been 1,395 page views.
That's an average of 46.5 page views each day.
While Blogger doesn't have the functionality to see how many of those page views were actually from the Pikesville community, it is pretty cool to see that people have loaded the blog from the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, India, Russia, France, Hungary, Indonesia, and the Ukraine. Welcome to Pikesville!

The most popular post is actually an ad for the College Cash 101 event.
The most seen post of original content is a reflection upon students asking about their PSAT scores.
There is currently a tie for the most-seen pages, between the Academic info page (most likely due to our Virtual AP fair) and the About/Contact page (maybe all those folks in Europe want to see where Pikesville is).

Because of this blog's popularity, it seems like this may be the closest to solving the dilemma of getting information out to our stakeholders. Tweets are fine for short announcements, but this allows parents and community members to learn what Pikesville High School students are doing and how their school counselors are facilitating their academic, career, and personal/social development.

So, after a month, what are your thoughts? It's time to open up the dialogue. Please, feel free to leave comments. The more you comment, the more say you have in the content provided within this blog. Do you have questions about some of the resources? Any requests for certain resources? Or are there too many as it is?

Of course, if you have concerns that this blog stirs up and you'd like to discuss those concerns in a confidential setting, never hesitate to see Ms. Billingslea in order to schedule an appointment with your school counselor.

Coming soon: information about course advising for the 2013-14 school year, AP exam registration, National School Counseling Week, and the #PHSfit College Fair!

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