Thursday, March 3, 2016

Live Blogging Career Lessons

E vs I

  • Are easier to read and know; are open with information
  • Communicate with enthusiasm
  • Talk more than listen
  • Like being the center of attention

  • Are more private; are more restrictive with information
  • Are more reserved with enthusiasm
  • Listen more than talk
  • Avoid being the center of attention

N vs S

  • Trust what is known
  • Value realism and common sense
  • Are oriented by the present
  • Tend to be specific and literal

  • Trust inspiration
  • Value imagination and innovation
  • Are oriented toward the future
  • Tend to be general and figurative

T vs F:
  • Apply impersonal analysis to problems
  • Value logic, justice and fairness
  • Are motivated by a desire for achievement and accomplishment
  • Truth is more valuable than tact

  • Consider the effect of actions on others
  • See the exception to the rule
  • Are motivated by a desire to be appreciated
  • Tact is of equal value to truth

P vs J:

  • Work first, play later
  • Set goals and work toward achieving them by a deadline
  • Emphasis is on completing a task
  • Enjoys finishing projects

  • Live for now, there will always be time to work
  • Change goals and deadlines as circumstances evolve
  • Emphasis is on the process of completing a task
  • Enjoys starting projects

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