Thursday, March 3, 2016

#PHSfit Career of the Day: Journalist

Reporters and correspondents, also called journalists, often work for a particular type of media organization, such as a television or radio station, or a newspaper. Those who work in television and radio set up and conduct interviews, which can be broadcast live or recorded for future broadcasts. These workers are often responsible for editing interviews and other recordings into a cohesive story and for writing and recording voiceovers that provide the audience with the facts of the story. They may create multiple versions of the same story for different broadcasts. Journalists for print media write articles to be used in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Most newspapers and magazines have both print and online versions, so reporters must produce content for both versions. Often, doing so requires staying up to date on new developments of a story so that the online editions can be updated with the most current information. Most employers prefer workers who have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications. However, some employers hire applicants who have a degree in a related subject, such as English or political science, if they have relevant work experience.

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